Welcome Letter

Dear Faith Leaders,

We accomplished so much together at the White House during the Trump Administration as we fought for people of faith every day.

With your help we built a unique coalition of faith leaders – some who had been very involved but many who became involved for the first time. Through tens of thousands of you, we reached millions of people of faith.

Through the National Faith Advisory Board, we will continue our mission to work with you as a team to advocate for the most important issues to all of us with ONE strong voice.

We will protect our religious freedoms here and abroad, in order to worship and live according to our faith. We will provide you with regular policy updates, advocate for critical policy issues, host regular conference calls and events with prominent leaders, and continue to grow this vital coalition.

Our country is at a critical crossroads and we need your help to continue our efforts. 

Pastor Paula White-Cain, Jenny Korn, and Amanda Robbins Vargo

The National Faith Advisory Board Team